Apple hits the top by an expected turnout rate double than that of Android according to IDC

As Apple gets nearer to the launch of the iPhone 13, IDC launched a report stating how the Apple is going to double up the total growth rate by twice. We presume that Android might not be doing so well at the moment and Apple's continued success just proves the winning streak of the brand in-demand.

When the iPhone 12 was launched it instantly became a hit until June 2021 when Apple reached a golden milestone of selling out 100 million iPhone 12s. We thought that was the best we were gonna get however Apple never fails to faze us. With the launch of the iPhone 13 coming up, IDC has launched a report on the expected shipments of 2021.

First of all, the shipment is supposed to increase by 7.4% and according to IDC, it is a clear fact that this figure will surely be achieved no matter what. Seeing Apple hit the sky, we're disappointed to find out how Android is at an expected growth rate of no more than 6.2% only. When it comes to the growth rate of Apple though, it is expected to be a good 13.8%, clearly twice as much as Android has to offer.

While the pandemic has had a major effect on the industry and shipments, with certain restrictions and limitations, it has also been observed that the Middle East and Africa, along with Japan have contributed majorly in elevating these shipments in the recent months. The report also noted that the markets that were the highest customers pre-pandemic have been down since 2019. These markets include China and the United States, which we expected to be the most demanding markets today. However, the surge in other regions compensated for the fall, in fact, went way over than the previous rates. The shipments listed in 2021 are far more voluminous than any noted in the years before.

Lastly, the IDC report was also keen to emphasize the fact that the industry chooses 5G hence the revenue is going to be up for a while. Both vendors as well as corps focus on advertising 5G not only because of its innumerous technological advances but also because of the elevated cost. While the price of the 5G devices have only increased 0.4% since last year, 4G devices have seen a massive drop. The 30% fall in the prices of 4G devices have been a massive factor in the ruling out of them by most vendors.

Apple continues to remain the top brand by securing the highest shipment rate with little to no competition. Surprisingly the regions where the demand is the highest is also unexpected. We do expect to continue seeing Apple dominate over the mobile phone industry as Android nears the risk of extinction.

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