Facebook's New AR Smart Glasses has some privacy issues, says Ireland’s Data Protection Commission

Facebook wanted to give the world a quicker way to capture moments. The company believes a lot of times in between taking out a camera or mobile phone and start recording, the moment is lost and hence Facebook wanted to give the world a quicker way to capture memories.

The tech giant hence collaborated with Ray-Bans, one of the most famous specs companies in the world and started working towards a device called 'smart glasses'.

The smart glasses require only a single touch of a button or voice command to start recording and its more convenient to record from it because users can carry it wearing them as normal glasses. The smart glasses could record a moment up to 30 seconds.

However, since it has been launched, questions have risen against it security and protection specially by the Ireland's Data Protection Commission which regulates Facebook in Europe.

The DPC was concerned about the security of the recording and how people in public spacing will be unaware of being recorded because the only source of knowing if the device is recording is through a tiny light that pops up on the glasses.

While camera and mobile phones also record moments and people in public spaces, it is relatively easier to decipher if one is being recorded secretly because of the way one has to hold their phone to record. However, with the glasses on, it will be harder to notice such things.

DPC has hence started off a campaign in which they alert the users about how this new device may be used to record videos of them in public without their knowledge and is also asking Facebook Ireland to demonstrate if the indication light is effective or not.

Apart from this, DPC along with its regulator Garante want Facebook to acknowledge them about what are their privacy practices when it comes to these new glasses. Questions like, is Facebook collecting the information from their new device and if yes how is the information being used? Are people being recorded in public spaces unintentionally safe, specially the children and how does the voice operator works on command and what are the functions behind it.

On this question, the company revealed that like all its other sources data is collected and given to third parties, however, it is for business purposes and doesn't harm anyone.

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