Facebook is making its users blindfolded regarding their story viewers

The most used social network is making some interesting new updates in its app lately. The updates are related to the Facebook stories section.

The platform initially maintained a list of viewers on stories and provided it to the user, about who has vied your story and their reactions, but the new feature does not completely follow this. Now the Facebook user will only be able to see the viewers who have reacted or left a comment on the stories, none other viewers will be visible to the user, as reported by a few users on Twitter.

This new interesting update is making the users debate among the benefits and drawbacks of such an update. Users are being notified now that they would be unable to see the entire list of who has watched their story.

Allowing random people to view your stories and keep tabs on them secretly without being noticed or judged, safely. People can come to your profile and view stories without being identified.

As Facebook didn't give the information of who has visited your profile lately, it now looks like the app has broadened this approach to the stories section as well.

This may enable unchecked stalking and allow stalkers to be confident about their secrecy, however this thing should be kept in mind that random people can only view your stories if you've made them public. otherwise only the people in your Facebook circle have access to your stories. If you want to avoid stalkers on a particular story change its setting to “friends only’. This can help to ensure your privacy. But then again the update may sound a little awkward or creepy to many Facebook users worldwide.

Facebook may be keeping in view, the feeling of anxiety and dread, most people get when they see an odd viewer of their story, and to avoid it this is the best possible solution of all.

It is users' right to know who has viewed their stories and seeing what they've posted. Yet again such insights sometimes cause or generate awkward feelings of insecurity which eventually affect your day-to-day life in the actual world.

Psychologically this information can many times make us feel uncomfortable and evoke awkward circumstances, when we see a random viewer on our stories viewer list, even if there is no intended ill on the viewers’ part, we get seriously concerned thinking as if someone is keeping secret tabs on us or any other dreadful things.

This new update of Facebook can solve many unwanted situations, remaining harmless and still get mysterious in most cases, thus if you are concerned about such unwanted strange exposures keep your stories private.

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