WhatsApp is Planning to Remove its Messenger Room shortcut while releasing a new Group Icon Editor feature

Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of those applications who keeps bringing in new updates from time to time based on what their users are asking for or what they might enjoy having. If a given feature does not receive a successful response then the developers will take it down and may either modify it or replace it with another user friendly feature.

Recently, WAbetainfo spotted that WhatsApp will be bringing in 2 changes on its application. First change that the developers are bringing in, is the removal of Messenger Room shortcut present with other options including the documents, camera, gallery etc. The option being removed would lead the users to form a Facebook Messenger Room that can link 50 participants through a video call on their parent company, Facebook.

Unfortunately this feature did not receive the response the company was hoping for while releasing it. The feature was first developed thoroughly and after knowing that it wasn’t a success, the developers have decided to take it down. However, it is still unclear if the option will be back again after going through modifications or if it will be replaced with another feature.

While the option was getting removed, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a small feature that will allow group admins to modify their group by updating the group icon through an editor. Users will be able to select the background color while selecting an emoji or using a sticker as the group’s icon. However, the feature has been released initially for iOS users only and to check if it has been enabled on a user’s phone, they can simply go to their Open Group info and selecting the camera option available to choose group icon. If another option namely Emoji and Sticker is present then it means that the feature has been enabled.

Currently the option is available for iOS beta users only, and it can be expected that the feature will make its debut on Android devices in the upcoming weeks. Hence, if the Emoji and Sticker option is unavailable then it might get enabled whenever the new update is released.

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