Facebook has announced an addition to its hardware category with two new portal gadgets

On Tuesday, 21 September, Facebook announced its two new portal video calling gadgets. It is an addition to its hardware devices list, with the additional option of the portal for business. This new feature intends to assist small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to serve them a better video calling facility.

The users who intend to join portals, specifically for business purposes, can directly log in and deal with their affairs without personal accounts. The company also gives access to the portal to both, the owner and employees separately for professional reasons.

In today's world, people prefer to work remotely in their homes. Precisely after covid-19, working remotely or from home has now become a trend.

Since the emerging interest of people in remote working, different brands have introduced their products to serve the public as per their demands.

Facebook's Portal devices are already in demand for some. And now the company has also come up with its fresh video calling gadgets to provide them with their upgraded technology for their customers.

The Portal go offers users, the promising quality smart video calling with its new feature of portability that is, provides convenience with its easy to carry capability. It is specifically structured with a motive to facilitate one with room to room chat and conversation with its movable aspects and a handy speaker, which will not only give you a chance to have high-quality voice calls but also a great picture quality video call with its 12 megapixel automatically adjustable camera and long-lasting battery.

Facebook is about to launch its next-gen Portal+. The Portal+ is designed certainly for proficient purposes. It has a screen spread over 14 inches which makes it an ideal tool for having professional-level meetings with a 12-megapixel smart camera. Its broad screen allows the user to have commands over multitasking, sharing screen, presentation, etc.

The company will provide these devices access to one's Facebook contacts to enable them to have a better quality connection with their close ones.

These devices can be a decent choice for those who prefer working from home and distant places since it is a time saving and updated quality device.

The company is collaborating with the team Microsoft for all its portal gadgets to benefit their customers with smart service.

The company intends to deliver its services to the related users by providing them tools that can aid them in smart working.

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