Facebook gives the details about the main topics of discussion both on its platform and its owned Instagram during the second quarter

Facebook revealed the data regarding the main subjects of discussion both on its main platform and its owned Instagram, such as after the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine, people are excited to meet and greet with their friends and families again. “Topics to watch” on this platform outlines the topics that are discussed by most of the individuals across its application, as it has also highlighted the significant changes in interests among its users. Here in the report of the second quarter of this year, the general trends are vibrant. Following are a few elements of attention through the initial two quarters of this year.

Now the main subject of discussion is once again wedding greetings, as during the pandemic situation most of the people had to cancel or postpone their wedding dates. Now things are getting changed gradually, therefore, certain limitations are easing in many countries, so people have started discussing again these topics. This subject has seen a 1.57 times growth in volume year over year and on monthly basis, this is 1.20x. Now the events organizing businesses can also get benefitted from these data as they can understand that what people are scheduling for their future so that they can make their strategies accordingly. However, these restrictions are not eased in many areas as well.

Pop-up retail is also one of the most discussed topics on Facebook and IG. These businesses were affected during the lockdown situation, but now the growing devotion pop-up stores outlines hopefulness again in the segment. People have started to go to the physical stores and shops again; therefore, many online businesses are planning to open a physical store as well so that they can upsurge their reach to the general public. This topic has seen the growth of 3.59 times year over year and on monthly basis, this growth ratio is 1.02 times.

One of the interesting things that came out is people are taking more interesting in adopting a pet. This trend has especially seen an upsurge during the lockdown situation. This will give an opportunity to the pets businesses to come forward as this trend has seen a growth of 1.60x.

However, on Instagram, the significant topic of discussion is related to families’ reunions. Many people were unable to meet with their families even for a year due to some strong restrictions from the Government. Now many countries are removing restrictions so these can also result in some giant holiday gatherings as well. This topic has seen a growth of 3.03 YoY. Many people are also talking about the Drag shows and they also want to join those events too, if we talk about the growth of this subject, it has seen 1.84x growth.

We can get the conclusion from all these discussions that people are getting bored while staying at home and now they desperately want to go out and meet with their families, friends, and they also want to attend different events as well.
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