A new direct connection option has been added after Facebook released the Login Connect with Messenger option for all businesses

The new Login Connect with Messenger that has been under observation for the last few months has now been released for all business platforms available on the social media giant, Facebook.

With the help of this new feature, the business community will now be in a position to place the Messenger Connection option as a part of the procedure for logging in to Facebook. This will help these businesses by introducing a new method through which they can connect with their customers while boosting up their brand promotion in order to circle more interested customers.

This new Login Connect is just a new addition to the direct connection options available for different brands present on this platform. These features are meant to provide each customer a more satisfied response by giving them more attention through these applications. While talking about Facebook Messenger, the company said that this new update will assist the companies to deliver better version of customer service.

Not only this, but ever since App Tracking Transparency update ,shortly known as ATT updated, was made available in iOS, direct contact between company and customer became important because the ATT update empowers the iOS community that whether the companies can track their data or not. Due to privacy concerns, most of the iOS users don’t allow their data to be tracked, as a result these companies might face difficulties while targeting advertisement to respective audience. Hence this direct connection tool can come in handy as a way to make sure that their brand promotion is reaching the right audience.

During its testing stage, Facebook stated that they have observed about 70% of the users going forward to connect with those businesses that had the Login Connect with Messenger option enabled. This will help businesses to get engage with more customers via Facebook Messenger.

However, while communicating with their respective audience, these businesses needs to be more thoughtful and should not end up spamming message thread of customers because getting directly linked is more private than running advertisements. But if this opportunity is availed modestly by keeping the interest of their user as a priority and by following proper steps then it can help these businesses to grow.

The company also noted that up to 75% of the adults who were a part of the trial period showed more interest to directly get linked with businesses through Messenger. This feature can become more affective as compared to running paid advertisements to reach targeted audience.

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