Companies Being Repeatedly Targeted By Hackers To Gain Access And Additional Gain

With the world turning digital, there was no surprise that everyone had plans to jump on board with the idea of having a website and transforming the user experience into a digital one. With the world under quarantine, not only existing firms reached out through the internet, but new ones exclusively working over the World Wide Web also sprung up. However, what these companies and businesses were unaware of was the dark aspect of the global web and how much going digital for scammers and frauds would cause them increased access and less exposure when committing their heinous crimes. With hackers getting easily through even the most secure firewalls, there were questions raised whether our privacy is safe when going online and to what extent can our private information be misused as the information exchanged over the internet not only includes demographical data but financial and sensitive information that can be exploited blackmailed and used for malicious purposes. However, as common sense dictates that an attack being a one time thing and securities launched against it can avoid it does not seem to hold.

This evidence is backed up by a new study that dictates that companies are targeted with the same method of hacking repeatedly and over 50% of companies have already fallen for it at least twice. The most tragic region for these attacks was the United Kingdom. However, what surprised the surveyors more that out of the companies that faced multiple attacks, an astonishing 61% did not care to have measures to cut down on similar future threats and let it slide by. This opened pathways for continuous attacks on these companies and severe financial loss at times.

The figures are based on a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute named as The State of Threat Hunting and the Role of the Analyst, released in 2021, entailing a detailed description of not only attacks but figures across the globe of the severity of these attacks as well as the measure, very little, taken by companies to cope up with these. The survey included around 1200 information technology companies and cyber security firms from all regions.

While most of these companies reported only low level security threats against them, it is surprising that such low level hackers were able to break through their cyber security which could cause huge problems against any advanced hackers and prove harmful. Many firms fail to realize this and have fallen prey to it. Paired with the lack of staff, this has proven troublesome on several levels, however, working with efficient and organized companies and cyber security teams can curb the issue once and for all.

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