WhatsApp for the web is going to turn images into stickers in the upcoming updates

The new version of WhatsApp beta for the web is going to launch very soon and we're so excited to discover all the new updates that'll come along with it.

This time around, there's one thing we're excited about more than anything else. WhatsApp is going to launch the ability to turn your images into stickers. This 'send the image as a sticker' feature is still under development so we're not sure what's the status on it however we do know it'll launch along with the new version for sure, at least as a part of the beta trial. Anything further than that? We're not too sure.

As for stickers, the best we expected was an awesome sticker pack - maybe something new on BTS or Friends, however, what we certainly did not expect was turning your pictures into stickers! The feature is yet to launch and half of these updates do get long along the beta process but we want this one to come around.

As for the location of the feature, it will be right next to the caption bar. The usual sticker icon will now possess the ability to turn images into stickers. When selected, this will convert your picture and send it as a sticker. Imagine your own personalized Thanksgiving stickers with a baster and turkey in each hand. Or you could send a sticker of your beautiful post-spinach-dinner toothy smile to all your friends and family and get a good laugh.

While this image certainly adds to the entertainment, it also removes the hassle of accessing third-party apps to create these stickers, as was done formerly.

Since the feature is still under development, you will only be able to see it when WhatsApp decides to launch it. As for those that have already installed the said version and still cannot find it, that is because it is being worked on and the new version does not have it yet. However, don't worry because it will be available very soon.

What we were disappointed about was the fact that we won't be able to see this update on iOS or Android. This feature is only limited to the web version.

Lastly, for those users facing problems with installing the new version on their desktops, we believe the new version is only applicable to specific devices for now. For instance, you might find it on either Windows or macOS.

We cannot wait for this new feature to launch on the web and hopefully soon, on iOS and Android devices as well.


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