Apple to be potentially affected by China's newest anti-addiction gaming policies

China is going to limit children's gaming time to only 3 hours a week now, and we surely empathize with those kids.

China has always been a bit different when it comes to making tech policies. Their new policy forbids minors from playing games excessively, limiting them to play for any 3 hours on exclusive days. The days include Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, giving the kids very limited freedom and flexibility in regards to the selection of hours. This proves the previous policies, which also turned out to be quite restricting, however certainly more liberating than this, giving kids under 18 the freedom to play for an hour and a half each day and 3 hours on public holidays.

The system remains the same, where gaming corporates aren't allowed to engage any kids under the legal age after the allocated hours while also having established a verification system confirming real names. Tencent holdings used a combination of two AI systems that included both, this verification system as well as face-recognition to further intensify the regulations.

While many might argue the new policy to be suffocating, the government argues it is more of a freeing experience, meant for the protection of physiological and psychological health of these young individuals. The companies in question are required to opt for the anti-addiction policies conjured by the Chinese government in order to keep their games from getting banned.

These anti-addiction policies are made in accordance with the NPPA, National Press and Publication Authority and will be controlled by it as well. These policies basically ask for real-name identification, like the previous policy and also ask for the use of government issued identification certificates

Not only will this change impact the gaming companies of China along with the young gamers but will have a major impact on big names like Apple as well. Although Apple has its gaming arcade subscription out there and taking a hit on that might be troublesome, it is a relief for the company that it hasn't been released in China yet, saving a big drop. Then how would Apple be affected? Apple already has enough troubles launching games in China and with the new policies, Apple will have to change its own policies in order to cater to Chinese users. Now, Apple isn't one to mold its own rules in order to fit in and that's exactly why this change won't prove to be in Apple's favor. The tech giant will now have even more trouble launching games in one of the biggest countries in the world.

This isn't the only way Apple is going to get affected. Since it is one of the biggest platforms out there, the major change will affect the brand in various ways.

Photo: AFP via Getty Images
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