Twitter is expanding its professional profiles and Ticketed Spaces for more users and the future looks great for the company

Twitter while is a great place for people to rant, the company is now expanding its roots towards the world of business as well. The company had introduced a new feature a while back which helped business owners create a business profile with some information about their business, however this past April, things changed.

Twitter as part of a testing purpose launched feature called ‘Twitter Professional Profiles’ which allowed a number of business users that were part of the test to let them add several new display on their business profiles. These new display tools basically included more information about their business than what was present before. The new information tools included business location listing, tapping on which would lead users to Google Maps and direct them the way, the business operating hours, contact information etc.

However, while these features back in April were limited to a number of businesses, Twitter announced that it will be launching this feature to more users now.

This probably means Twitter was really happy with the results of the test and might introduce the feature globally in some time. The new feature is great for business and while not many companies’ priory looked at Twitter as a platform to promote their business, this may change now with Twitters’ efficiency to step into that field.

Apart from this, the company has also expanded Ticketed Spaces for more users now. This means more people will now be able to host charged spaces, if they cross the requirement criteria.

However, while this is a great opportunity for users to earn what needs to be realized is that users will not get the whole amount from the ticketed spaces. Twitter will keep its own 3 percent share from each ticket, which in our opinion is not bad considering that the company is providing a platform for hosting the space and connecting the audience together.

However, Twitter is not the only one that will be keeping its fair share of amount, but the revenue will be cut off for the App Store fee as well.

Although, there are a few deductions in the made amount, the idea is great because it will give users a chance to earn a revenue through the app and while the audio spacing has become a common feature among all applications, this will give Twitter an upper hand in leading the audio spacing world.

Twitters’ plan for the future look great and we cannot wait to see what else will the company come up with in the future.

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