A few iPhone applications use devious techniques to track your data even if you have not allowed the permission

After the launch of the Apple's iOS 14.5 update, the applications can only track the data after taking permission from the iPhone users; however, many companies were not happy with Apple's decision. A recent report from LockDownPrivacy shows that there are a few popular iPhone applications that are still gathering the information of users even if they have not been granted permission to them. These applications collect the data that when you rebooted your smartphone last time and the brightness settings of your mobile too. These applications try to recognize you through the collection of your information.

The Ex iCloud engineer Johnny Lin stated that these types of confidentiality loopholes make the ATT (App tracking transparency) policies a ‘dud’. Now users of iOS devices need to understand that Apple issues an exclusive identifier for each iOS device. And it does not reveal the particulars about the users to the applications; however, it shows a unique code of the device. So the companies or applications can only have the information that for instance, 1234567-AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDEEEFFFG has visited a website or watched an advertisement of a specific product on any site and purchased that item from a specific shop, and therefore that advertisement was effective. The application can only read the unique identifier and they cannot pinpoint the device of a specific person.

After the launch of ATT, application developers have to take your consent before tracking your data, and if you refuse to grant permission, the applications are not allowed to use that method. Many advertising companies were not happy with the tracking policies and they realized that there are certain loopholes to that, especially on specific sorts of device fingerprinting. So when you open a website, the device browser gives some of your data to the site to make sure that, the website shows you accurate particulars. Websites require exhibiting themselves differently on iMac and Apple smartphones. Gradually, the websites have become more erudite and the info that is delivered to those sites has increased.

However, Apple Company says that if the user has refused to grant permission, applications are not allowed to track their data through any means. Despite the statement of Apple, some applications are breaching the rules. The report says that these applications are delivering a massive amount of your data to advertising companies. It looks like the uniqueness of this info is intended to fingerprint your iOS gadget. Almost 3 popular games have been reported that they are sharing a huge amount of your data with the advertising companies even if you have not granted the permission.

The Washington Post said that it has also informed the Apple Company about the loophole but still the company has not taken any action. This makes the rules impractical. The application developers have failed to explain the reason that why are they collecting and sharing the data. A few information, such as sound setting and the percentage of the battery can classify your smartphone. But more tenacious info can be joined to produce an enduring digital sign.

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