YouTube rolls out a new update that enables users to see pop-up previews of videos on the home feed

YouTube launched its new feature allowing users to get a sneak peak into the content a bit differently. The platform's desktop version now displays pop out preview assisting new content to spring up in their home feed. This new feature (though, currently available for Premium users) enables users to explore content without having to leave their home feed, as first spotted by 9to5Google.

Previously, users could see the preview by hovering their cursor over the thumbnail. As the cursor hovered over the thumbnail the preview started playing. However there's a slight difficulty concerning the creators of the content who had no role in choosing which part of the video to play as the preview. YouTube chose the 30 second clip itself, so users were left to just hope that their content was being displayed with the juiciest parts on show. This was often quite dissatisfying as many videos did not show the part which was supposed to appeal, hence causing creators quite a loss, costing them quite a few viewers.

The platform's new attribute proves to be in greater prominence than the former. The previous silent 30 second looping GIF has upgraded to the full video itself presenting on this mini-player with good quality resolution and adjustments of volume. YouTube allowing voice adjustments on the previews is certainly a feature that we did not expect, hence we're quite baffled but certainly in a good way. Alongside these, the feature also allows desktop users to take advantage of the facilities like "add to watch later" and "add to queue".

Scrolling through the home feed, we come across various videos that capture our interest but it appears to be impractical to watch multiple videos at once. There's only so much you can do and only a certain place you can focus your attention to at once, which YouTube seemed to understand. As you must have seen, once the home feed is refreshed the video disappears and it's very likely that you won't be able to find the same video again, unless you remember the title. But what to do if you don't? YouTube's new feature grants users the ability to add the video to playlists simply by watching the preview and then finding the option in the three dots placed on the side such as watch later etc., through which you can watch the content of your interest anytime u wish without having to worry about it disappearing.

One of the top searches regarding this update is "does YouTube preview count as a view" which we're quite sure the creators are dying to know. If the user watches the video preview for more than ten seconds the view automatically adds up. Unlike other features, the pop out preview is spontaneous. There is no requirement to turn it on through the settings tab, however, you can turn it off if you prefer through setting-autoplay. The pop-up setting, for now, is defaulted to playing automatically.

Although there are no official words on when the update was launched, we are pretty sure it will roll out to every region soon enough so don't worry if you can't find the feature yet, you will be able to, soon enough.

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