Jay Graber to lead the Bluesky initiative, a decentralized social media project of Twitter

Back in December 2019, Twitter started financing a project to form a dispersed-focused social media working group. The CEO of the company Jack Dorsey said that the main objective of the company is to become a the best decentralized social network. He further said that he wants to see his dispersed project grow quickly. Recently, Bluesky has stated that Jay Graber who is deeply involved with the cryptocurrency community will be the leader of this initiative. The new leader expressed her excitement for this role in a tweet.

Now she is starting to recruit new developers, with an extra elucidated path forward for the struggle. The CEO of the company has also welcomed the new leader through a tweet. Graber has also written a report for Bluesky which was issued at the start of this year specifying the study into decentralized web structures. However, it was not cleared in a report that how the new initiative will perform. The Bluesky will work self-sufficiently but so far, it has been financed and managed mostly by the staff of Twitter.

The new leader has previously been functioning in a less prescribed role in the fresh independent organization, with Twitter remunerating her to make a procedural appraisal of the decentralized social network for a working cohort of creators in the space. Graber has also worked for Zcash and she also created her own social ecosystem called Happening. The aim to create Happening was to give tough completion to the Facebook events. Garber eventually sauntered away from that struggle after having problems bootstrapping a user involved in the paybacks of regionalization/decentralization.

At the start of this year, the new leader said that she saw a great opportunity in Twitter while entering the independent project due to the reason of heavy user base of the platform that will finally transfer to protocol. After banning the account of Trump, the CEO of the platform tinted the independent project as one of the company’s continuing creativities to make sure that the social network temperance could be less regionalized in the upcoming. A decentralized social media protocol would enable separate networks to rule themselves without a single corporation or administrations implementing colossal control above the sphere of online discussion.

However, this project is still in the early phases, now the main focus of the leader is to recruit the new protocol and web developers. It is hoped that the new leader will help this project to grow fast.

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