WhatsApp Will Probably Allow Users To Entirely Sidestep Its Updated Terms And Conditions

WhatsApp will apparently allow its users to not accept their updates terms and conditions without any consequences of not doing so, as reported by WABI.

The above statement comes right after an earlier one, in which WhatsApp declared that it will start limiting the accounts of those individuals who don't accept the new T&C (Terms And Conditions). Naturally, this came with an expected amount of backlash, leading the communication centric social media platform to reconsider their approach. Which, if this author is to be honest, is perhaps yet another step taken a bit too late. WhatsApp has already done something just as controversial, and suffered a metaphorical public beating for it. Why the team would repeat its mistake is beyond understanding.

If you're unfamiliar with the entire WhatsApp debacle, then chances are you were not much in touch with tech industry in early 2021. So for you here's some context for the story, the WhatsApp policy update was perhaps one of the most notable incidents in an already unfortunately packed year. WhatsApp attempted to force its users to agree to a new policy change, which would be enacted in a few months. The policy change actively allowed for user information of all kinds to be shared between it and its parent company, Facebook, already notorious for its usage of user data for targeted ads. The public reaction was severe, to say the least. Other than the lambasting across Twitter, Reddit and, ironically, Facebook itself, many users even jumped ship to join other apps such as Telegram or Signal. Ultimately, after overseeing a huge deficit in both popularity and numbers, WhatsApp relented.

Recently, pop-ups of an updated policy are being issued daily to all WhatsApp users. The aim is to perhaps groom users into accepting the changes by slowly easing them into the concept. This, however, also didn't work as people want out. With every other website relying on third party cookies, and infringing on user data in some form or the other, perhaps people are just getting tired. WhatsApp just ended up being the last straw in a massive hay pile.

As it stands, the new policy is expected to be announced in a few weeks. All of the information regarding its implementation is speculative, but has also been reported about my many different insider sources. It's difficult to believe that WhatsApp would actively attempt to enforce yet another policy update on its userbase. However, this is Facebook we're talking about. The company that to this day actively condemns the iOS 14 Tracking/Transparency features, which give users full control over what sort of their personal data is exposed, if exposed at all.

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