WhatsApp updates its list of Android and Apple mobile devices that it will no longer work with

Within these last few decades’ technology has experienced a large growth, we have seen more and more regions of the world adopt to newer technologies and the internet. The changes that increasing technology and the internet have brought into the world is surely nothing short of a revolution.

In today’s day and age technology is continuously advancing and newer technological version of technological devices including PCs, mobile phones, laptops etc. are coming in quickly. As newer devices come in, all applications update themselves so that they can adjust onto the them, thus the older devices are left behind and are soon termed as obsolete. Thus the unavailability of the newer versions of applications are what exactly make these devices obsolete and practically of no use. So it is usually in device’s manufacturers and different applications that decide the fate of these devices, since it is in their hands to update newer versions of application on them.

A recent development of applications stopping their updates on devices, is WhatsApp messenger starting 1st November is stopping their updates on 43 smartphones, which includes both the iOS and Android devices.

With WhatsApp releasing a bunch of newer features throughout the last few months, it has realized that these 43 smartphones due to their lesser capability will not be able to support the future updates that WhatsApp plans on releasing. WhatsApp with its announcement released a list of the 43 mobile devices, while also stating that these devices will soon be incompatible with WhatsApp.


Alcatel: One Touch Evo 7

Huawei: Ascend G740, Ascend D1 Quad XL, Ascend P1 S, Ascend Mate, Ascend D Quad XL, and Ascend D2.

LG: Lucid 2, Optimus F6, Enact , Optimus L4 II Dual, Optimus F3, Optimus L4 II, Optimus L2 II, Optimus F7, Optimus F5, Optimus L3 II Dual, Optimus F5, Optimus L5, Optimus L5 II, Optimus L5 Dual, Optimus L3 II, Optimus L7, Optimus L7 II Dual, Optimus L7 II, Optimus Nitro HD and 4X HD, and Optimus F3Q.

Miscellaneous: Archos 53 Platinum, HTC Desire 500, Lenovo A820, UMi X2, Faea F1, Caterpillar Cat B15, Wiko Cink Five, Wiko Darknight and THL W8.

Samsung: Galaxy Trend Lite, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Xcover 2 and Galaxy Core.

Sony: Xperia Miro, Sony Xperia Neo L, Xperia Arc S.

ZTE: Grand S Flex, ZTE V956, Grand X Quad V987 and Grand Memo.


Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

While taking a deeper look at the list it is understood that almost all the Android devices in the list are those that contain Android version 4.0.3 or lower. Whereas in the case of iOS, devices containing iOS 9 or lower versions will be incompatible.

The Android side of the list is largely heavier and contains around 40 phones, whereas the iOS side only contains 3. Android phones from Samsung, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Alcatel and other such as HTC are included, and if you are someone that suspects that their Android might be in the list, then you can go though the above mentioned devices. In the case of iOS, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are included.

Users that have WhatsApp on one of these devices will not be immediately stopped from using it, since the app would still allow the user to use WhatsApp on the device, however with limited functions but it is recommended to switch to a newer device to enjoy a better and improved user experience.

Photo: Dado Ruvic / reuters

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