Adding further to the criticism, the infamous privacy advocate Edward Snowden gave a statement against the CSAM system and called it a Spyware

The sale and spread of illegal pornographic content has been on the rise for the past few years, a large part of this illegal content includes children that are abused at the hands of predators that film explicit videos which include kids and make money by selling and spreading them. The spread of child abuse content puts the life and health of a lot of children at risk, which is why governments and authorities are now increasing efforts to limit and stop CSAM spread.

While responsible authorities are doing their best in trying to stop CSAM, the tech giant Apple has also stepped in and is making efforts to stop it. With Apple being a tech giant that owns more than 40% of the mobile phone market, it surely will be helpful to authorities.

Apple to stop CSAM is developing a scanning system and has stated that it will check in all iPhones in the US. The CSAM basically will scan the phone's media while it's being uploaded to iCloud. The CSAM will scan photos and videos and compare it to a child abuse photo data base and if the system finds a match, it'll report to authorities thus catching a potential child abuser. While this system is a really effective way to fight against CSAM spread, however it met serious criticism soon after its announcement.

People came out saying that since this system will involve scanning, it is just another one of Apple's tricks to collect too much user data without them knowing about it. Criticism then further increased when a researcher duo said that the system can be used in other dangerous ways. Users started getting more and more skeptical about the CSAM system.

With time nearing to the CSAM system release, the criticism has further increased and this time it's by a far more influential person named Edward Snowden, he is known as the whistle blower because of his exceptional computer intelligence skills which led to Snowden leaking highly classified US information. He is highly regarded in the tech industry and anything that comes from his side surely does have a stand.

Snowden criticized Apple for the CSAM system, he termed the system a 'Spyware' saying that he has never seen a tech company do this to their user devices.

He also said that Apple itself releasing the system is surely the most dangerous threat to user privacy. Snowden, just like the researcher duo that developed a similar system, said that there can be a lot of harmful and different ways in which the CSAM scanning system can harm users.

Snowden has large influence in the tech industry and with his statement against the CSAM system, the criticism against Apple will likely increase by multiple folds.

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