Just like other messaging platforms, WhatsApp users will soon be able to express their emotions through the chat reaction feature (updated with a screenshot)

Users were really happy with the announcement of the most requested “multi-devices” feature that WhatsApp announced a few days ago. Now the messaging platform has also testing another exciting feature for its users. Users will soon be able to express their emotions through the message reaction option (that is replying in the form of emojis). Other social media and messaging platforms just like Twitter, iMessage, and Facebook-owned Instagram are also offering this feature but now, it’s the time for the most used messaging application with around 2 billion users across the world to have this great addition. The platform always tries to bring exhilarating collections of features to help increase their engagement. WABetaInfo who first spotted this feature said that this option is still in the development phase and will be accessible for use in the upcoming update for beta testers first as the “Message Reaction” feature.

As an initial step, the platform will send a notice to its users who are using an obsolete version of the application and the messaging platform will pursue them to install the latest version to get the reaction feature. This reaction option will include different types of emojis such as (heart, laugh, angry, smiley, liking, and disliking) that people will be able to use in place of messages to show their sentiments. WABetaInfo has also uploaded a screenshot of the notification that has been taken from the beta testers for Android and the instant messaging application will forward it to those users who still have the previous version. It will be further included in the notification that users have received the reaction feature but this outdated version cannot keep the latest option.
"As you can see (in the above screenshot), the message contains 7 reactions and, at least for now, it’s possible to react using any emoji you want. Reactions aren’t anonymous, so everyone in the conversation will be able to see who reacted to a specific message."
Most of us prefer to use emoji because it expresses our feelings in a better way, therefore, almost all platforms provide this option, and maybe it is a bit late for WhatsApp but still a good step. WABetaInfo has confirmed that users will likely get more information about this feature in the upcoming days. It seems like the platform is focusing more on the messaging options as it rolled out the auto-delete pictures and videos a couple of weeks ago and further it announced the possibility to transfer the data from iOS to Android devices that are the major feature so far from the platform’s side.

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