A Recent Report Reveals Just How Much Automated Technology And Software Is Ingrained Into Knowledge-Related Fields Of Work

To say that technology has come a long way over the last few decades is perhaps the blandest and most obvious take a person could come up with. That doesn't, however, make it any less true, as the evidence gazes us in the face constantly. The exponential development of technology especially applies itself to the departments of computer science and IT. To think that we used to rely on dial-up internet in the 90's. Now, we stand in an era with 5G towers, and automated services at every corner. The advent of AI is especially important for the latter, as more and more nuanced neural networks and algorithms help supplement regular activity with precision only a computer could muster up.

Zapier, a marketing firm that specializes in providing automated services, seems especially interested in just how relevant automation is in our current day to day lives. This particular research of the company concerns itself with knowledge workers and their usage of automated services. Knowledge workers, for those unaware, refer to individuals that work in fields requiring a certain degree of pre acquired knowledge and education. Examples include doctors, physicists, professors, pharmaceutical professionals, and so on. The results went on to display just how ingrained automated services are in our current climate.

60% of all knowledge workers in the study stated that they relied on automation for the purposes of saving time. But that's only the start of it. Many individuals wish to further incorporate automation into future roles, with 88% of all IT workers stating as much. Approximately 30% of all workers stated that they received salary raises just on the basis of knowing how to operate automated software and machinery. Automation also helped boost the morale of 35% of the sample population.

This spells good news for working conditions. After all, a team member working under stressful conditions and hours will not only provide bad results, but also be a detriment to their own mental health. Automation helps lift a lot of the unnecessary weight attached to roles in knowledge industries, allowing workers to not only do more work, but also get it done efficiently. Check out below charts for more insights: 
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