What 8 of Today's Most Popular Websites Would Look Like if They'd Been Designed in the 90s

Unless Elon Musk decides to give up his mission to Mars and design a fully functional flux capacitor, the closest we can come to time travel is watching classic movies like Back to the Future Part II.

Still, there's nothing stopping us from reimagining those days gone by, including what the world would look like if today's technologies had been invented a few decades earlier. And that's exactly what website builder Zyro did when it created 8 designs based on 90s versions of today's most popular websites and apps.

Here's a closer look at these eight popular websites reimagined 90s style!


If Twitter Website Existed in the ‘90sIf Twitter Website Existed in the ‘90s90s Twitter would look very different from today's sleek, user-friendly platform. Still, there'd be plenty to Tweet about. The 90s saw widespread riots in the USA, controversial criminal trials, and its fair share of political scandals, including Bill Clinton's liaison with a young White House assistant called Monica Lewinsky - #stickycigar?


Analog YouTube would have to be uploaded onto your chunky (and very unfunky) NeXTstation home computer via floppy disk. And imagine those buffering times! A 25-minute wait for a 30-second cat video? No thanks!


If Facebook Existed in the ‘90sIf Facebook Existed in the ‘90s
Our jeans might be a little skinnier, but people never really change. So your 90s Facebook feed would still be full of 'humble brags' from frenemies and CAPS LOCK rage posts by your weird second cousin who thinks we never landed on the moon.


If Spotify Existed in the ‘90s
If Spotify Existed in the ‘90s
Old-skool Spotify wouldn't have shuffle play or AI-powered algorithms with an eerie ability to predict your future favourites. Instead, we'd have a Winamp interface displaying all those 90s bangers in MS-DOS font. "Summertime" by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? Shaggy's "Mr. Boombastic"? Please god, take me back now!


If Twitch Existed in the ‘90s
If Twitch Existed in the ‘90s
Today's top gamers make millions live streaming on gaming platform Twitch. But we're guessing those flat, 2D-looking racing games of the early 90s would have made less compelling viewing. Then again, the late 90s brought a host of classics that sucked up hours of our formative years, including every 90's kids' favorite first-person shooter - GoldenEye.


If Airbnb Existed in the ‘90s
If Airbnb Existed in the ‘90s
Airbnb’s user-friendly website is a big part of its appeal.. But what would the 90s version look like? The Zyro designers went for that classic early 90's HTML look, including plain block text, basic color scheme, and spinning icons. But who cares what the site looks like? $25 a night is a bargain in any decade


If Disney Existed in the ‘90sIf Disney Existed in the ‘90s
The 90s was known as the Disney Renaissance. It was the decade when classics like Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan hit the big screens. But the 90s Disney website couldn't have been as impressive. Although we would have still got that warm, cozy feeling when logging on to watch The Lion King for the 50th time.


If Whatsapp Existed in the ‘90s
If Whatsapp Website Existed in the ‘90s
WhatsApp in the 90s could still have its recognizable lime green interface. And you could still send messages, gifs, and MP3s. But in true 90s style, user names would be followed by a string of random numbers, and your profile pic would be a cartoon avatar rather than a mirror selfie that just happened to catch your best angle.

The 90s weren't exactly the height of technological advancement. But think carefully before mocking those clunky graphics and giant car phones. Because it won't be too long before iPhones and Tweeting are as uncool as cargo pants and boot-cut jeans.

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