Twitter tests various new features including recorded Spaces, the ability to create tweets for super followers and displaying the profile category label for business accounts

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms with over a 206 million daily active users that always try to bring exciting features for its users to keep them engaged. Recently Alessandro Paluzzi and Jane Manchun Wong (our go-to app researchers) have tweeted about the upcoming features that Twitter is working on for its users such as recorded Spaces and the ability to create tweets for super followers, profile category labels for business accounts, while Jane has also spotted a new feature which is a bit distracting for users.

Alessandro Paluzzi has tweeted about an upcoming option of the platform which shows that creators will soon be able to send a special tweet for their super followers. Soon users will get the two options to choose their audience. If they want to send the tweet publicly so that all people on the platform can read this, they can select “Everyone”. If they select the “Super Followers” option, their tweet will only be seen by those super followers and everyone will not be allowed to read your tweet. This one is a good option as it will also give people more control over their audience.

Alessandro further tweeted about another new exciting feature of the platform that is still in the development phase and will be launched soon. Twitter is now working on the recorded Spaces. Now host will be allowed to record the live audio. And you will be able to edit those recordings.

Further, the platform will also retain that recording for the period of 30 days to review such reports. There is no doubt that this feature will help in increasing the engagement of the users.

Coming to anther discover, Twitter firstly added the labels for key Govt officials and state-associated media entities, now Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted that the platform is now working on a new feature that will also allow the businesses and creators to show their profile category label. It will help the audience to directly connect with the creators or businesses accounts.

Jane has also criticized the platform for introducing a big button in embedded content for responding to tweets as it changed the old reply option of tweets a couple of weeks ago and introduced a new one, but now it looks that people are not much interested in the new “Tweet your reply” button in tweet embeds because that looks that the new bulky button has taken a lot of space and distracting at the same time. The platform needs to resize the button so that it looks more attractive option.

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