Twitter tests Heads Up feature to alert users about Tweets which can be intense for them

If you are a Twitter user, you would know that avid Tweeters post anything and everything on that micro-blogging network if it is within the platform's guidelines. Twitter is a place where users rant about their thoughts and feelings within a given number of characters and it is a space which users’ find safe to put out their thoughts to without the fear of being judged.

However, while Twitter gives users a freedom of ranting, some tweets which may not be offending for you can be for a certain group for people and such tweets can start pretty intensive debates under the comment section.

So considering that this has happened a few times, Twitter needed to do something about it, but the question was that what should the social giant do in order to maintain peace on its application, which is among its top priority.

After a lot of thought, the social giant has finally tested its new feature called “Heads Up”, as first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong.

The new feature will let users’ know if a tweet can be offending or intense for some users’ in order to avoid heated commenting. It will detect such tweets through its Al technology in which Twitter have inserted some specific keywords which it may think might be triggers for some people. Hence if the Al technology finds words like these in any tweet it will display a “Heads Up” notice in order to avoid any disturbance of the app.

This feature will provide users an open minded approach on certain topics and conversations.

It is great to see that applications like Twitter, which provides users’ a safe space to put out their thoughts at is also very considerate that its community stays safe and have a mindful approach to other people’s thoughts as well.

Twitter has always come up with great features and has always lived up to its users’ expectations. This new feature is also amazing in terms of maintaining peace on the application and we are sure that once it launches globally users will find it just as useful as other features on the application.

The tech giant has always come out with the best and we cannot wait to see what else does it has in store for us, we have a lot of expectations that we are sure Twitter will fulfill.

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