The Google One VPN expands to 8 new countries

The use of internet and technology over the past decade have largely grown. This has caused almost every big and small task to get digitized. As technology and the internet started to become more and more common, the side effect that they carried with them also flourished. Things like hacking, data breaching and identity theft started to get more and more common and with mobile devices coming into being, it is now growing at a much faster rate.

To stop these malwares from affecting your device is surely difficult, however there are certain tricks for it. One of the most common trick that people use to protect their device’s information and location from being traced is using a VPN (Virtual private network). A VPN plays with your current IP address and creates an encrypted tunnel for any information you send and receive since hackers cannot access your device. Apart from that VPN also helps people unblock anything that is blocked or unavailable for their country or region.

With so many benefits and uses, VPN applications on both Android and iOS large user bases. While smaller companies and individuals created VPN applications, no big name ever came out with their own VPN, particularly because VPN’s were banned and are still banned in many countries. However, Google saw the increasing usage of VPN’s as an opportunity and in October announced that its Google One subscription will have a built in VPN named ‘The Google One VPN’.

The Google One VPN has proved to be successful amongst users and now the company is moving forward to release the VPN in a total of 8 countries including Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. This is surely a huge step for the company.

The Google One VPN offers a much faster speed when compared to that of other platforms, is easy to use and does not include any advertisements.

However, the Google One VPN does have a price and that is the Google one 2TB storage plan subscription. Users on Google One are only given access to the Google One VPN when they buy a 2TB or greater storage plan which costs $9.9 per month.

The Google One VPN once active on your device encrypts all your online traffic and shield your device on unknown networks, moreover it will also hide your IP address. At the time of its release, Google One VPN was criticized by users who said that it probably steals user data for advertisements, however the VPN was later audited by a third party.

The Google One VPN is still in the process of releasing in these locations. The response in these new locations will surely determine the VPN’s future.

H/T: 9to5G.

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