Facebook updates its data portability feature by adding Photobucket and Google Calendar

Facebook has long been a platform that responds well to user demands and surfaces with something viable and trendy. This time around, we're seeing the tech giant with two new options as a way to secure data on third-part applications.

Facebook announced this week that users will now have two new spots they can store data on when transferring it somewhere else from social media. The first one is Photobucket, where users would be able to import their pictures. The second one is a tad bit surprising - Google Calendar. Facebook claims users can move their event listings to their Google Calendars soon.

Since Google Calendar wasn't getting the kind of exposure it was made for, Google employees worked to improve its usability hence making it a lot simpler and efficient.

These transfer updates are part of a much larger project where Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are joining hands in order to make transfer of data easier and secure. With the rate of theft and cybercrime increasing every single day, it was time these mega platforms owned up and made some changes to secure their users' trust and prevent themselves from being falsely accused incase of data misplacement.

While Google is working on these two new tactics, Facebook already has a lot in its basket for users to store their data on. For instance, there is Google's image-storage service, followed by Dropbox, Blogger, Google documents, as well as WordPress.

All this is further a part of something much bigger going by the name of the ACCESS Act. This would enable users to transfer their data to any platform, securely. This is an initiative being pressured by several tech and privacy experts who suggest that social platforms should work on making data transfer to all sites possible and easy.

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