Poll Shows Gen Z Places More Important on Digital Life Than Real Life

It has become a bit of a trope to say that the members of Gen Z are basically just spoiled brats who would rather use the internet rather than engage in anything real world or concrete. However, it is important to note that research indicates that members of this generation might indeed consider the virtual world to be a bit more important than the real world, at least in terms of the things that tend to be somewhat more memorable for them.

Both Gen Z as well as Millennials tend to think similarly about their online persona, which they generally tend to think is a bit more important than their real life persona. Improving their image online seems to be a higher priority for them, with 60% of Gen Z and 62% of Millennials agreeing that this was the case.

44% of Gen Z and 39% of Millennials felt more comfortable online as well, stating that they felt like they seemed to do better with social interactions when they occurred online as opposed to in person. However, it should also be noted that respondents from these groups were also the most likely to multiple task at the very least to a certain extent.

As per the survey of SquareSpace, 43 percent of Gen Z consumers are more likely to remember the last website they visited, while 38 percent can remember their partner’s birthday and 31 percent says they are likely to remember their social security numbers.

This means that they are not just ignoring the real world in favor of the virtual one, and in situations where they do it appears to be necessary based on the highly virtual world that we are all starting to get involved in. Social media and internet addiction are both very real, but the kind of preference that younger people show towards those types of things is not necessarily linked to any kind of addiction as it could very well be something a bit more on the wholesome side of things.

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