Screenshots from a developer provides additional details about the Twitter ‘Super Follower’ feature

Social media companies nowadays have found out a new way to attract users and that is 'creators'. Well it is true, the amount of creators surely is the milestone for measuring the success of a platform. This is the reason a lot of platforms have been trying to compete with each other on the basis of creators thus these platforms are releasing features that attract users to them.

Twitter is amongst the name of companies proactively working towards increasing the number of its creators, Twitter a few months back announced a 'super follower' feature, this feature allowed for famous Twitter accounts to charge a subscription for some of their tweets and content and only limit them to the people that pay for the subscription, thus giving them a great opportunity to earn on Twitter.

While details about the unreleased Super follower feature are still unknown, a developer came forward on Twitter and gave out some screenshots that showed that the company is working towards bringing out the super follower button and even provided details about it.

The most important screenshot included a "subscription cancelation" and "already canceled your subscription" buttons that appear in a dialog box which opens up by clicking on the super follower button.

The screenshots also proved that users while visiting a profile will be able to see the new 'super follower tweets' option appearing right beside the tweets and replies option. Only people that are a super follower would be able to see and interact with the content in the super follower tab.

The company since the start of 2021 has been announcing interesting updates. With announcement of features such as Spaces, Tip Jars. The company is mostly centered towards increasing creators on the platform.

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