New Android Malware Compromises Thousands of Facebook Accounts

One’s Facebook account is usually really important since it will contain a lot of information that you would find to be extremely personal. If your Facebook account gets compromised this would likely be something that would result in you feeling really vulnerably because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up exposing a lot of really personal information of yours. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of malware out there that can compromise your account, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that the latest form of malware that is out there has already compromised well over 10,000 accounts.

This malware is being called FlyTrap, and the thing to note about it is that up until very recently it was freely available to download on the Google Play Store, as reported by Zimperium. It showed itself to be an app that could give you a wide range of coupons for Netflix and other kinds of service providers, but anyone that would download this app would instead find that they have lost access to their Facebook account.

It is essential that you avoid suspicious apps from the Play Store, especially if they are claiming to offer you coupons or any other kinds of freebies. Google’s Play Store has an unfortunate reputation for being easy to hide in if you want to infect people with malware, so it is even more important to be careful if you use an Android device. This latest malware might not have been able to do vast amounts of harm, but the 10,000 accounts that it compromised will still be a huge setback for the people that owned them. Avoid these apps unless you want to be included in that group of people and lose access to your account potentially for good.

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