Study Reveals Majority of Commercial Software is Highly Vulnerable

The Covid pandemic has made it increasingly necessary for organizations to use various forms of commercial software since many employees have been working from home for quite some time now. This software has been used since before the pandemic as well, and the assumption that most people have around it is that it tends to be a bit more secure than software or apps that are geared towards consumers rather than commercial as well as corporate entities.

However, it is important to note that research has shown that virtually every commercial software that organizations might use have open source components that they might not be making people aware of. This is dangerous because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing malicious actors to hack into this software without any major issues.

The research, which was conducted by Osterman Research, also discovered that about 85% of the commercial software that various enterprises are using right now have vulnerabilities that could be described as “critical”. The truly concerning thing is that the software that tends to have the highest occurrence of such vulnerabilities belong to categories that are extremely essential for businesses, namely email and video call providers.

Zoom recently had to pay an $85 million settlement due to its usage of dozens of open source components in its software which it failed to disclose to its users. This is something that just can’t be accepted anymore, especially with the rise in cybercrime that we are starting to see all around the world. Service providers that specialize in software for enterprises need to take security a lot more seriously by avoiding the use of open source components or at the very least disclosing the risk that they pose to their customers and users.

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