Apple launches a password manager to keep iCloud passwords in sync on Windows

Are you an iCloud user with Windows as your primary operating system? Well, Apple has news for you. The tech giant decided to launch a password manager that will help users keep track of their passwords. If you're checking right away, you probably won't find it since it comes with the Windows 12.5 update only if you're an active iCloud user.

This new feature will help with all your password problems. It will enable users to save passwords, search old ones up, update them or delete old login info when needed. This gives you the perfect tool to keep your life on track.

As for those worried about the process for the access being too complex, you don't need to worry, as Apple has also published a straightforward documentation that gives a clear view of how the system works. The application is easily accessible from the start menu where you can make all the changes you want to your already existing passwords. Of course, all these changes will be applicable to other Apple devices since they would be in sync.

This isn't the first trial Apple is testing out on Windows. Earlier this year, a Chrome extension version was launched where iCloud would've synced passwords using the iCloud keychain directly from Chrome however it met quite an unstable start. When the feature was launched globally and had its fair time settling in, in a fully functional state, it was made part of the new 12.5 update. This update has also been claimed to feature an Edge extension password manager however we're not too sure about it's end result due to the merge of Edge and Chrome.

This update is especially meant for users that frequently switch between Windows, Mac, and iPhones. Since they all use the same passwords, adding them over and over is indeed no less of a hassle. The ability to search through your passwords in one place with the help of iCloud password management is going to increase efficiency by a great margin. This also saves users all the trouble they have to go through to change passwords from an Apple device.

To get this update if you haven't already enabled the iCloud password management, you obviously need an Apple account but with two-factor authentication. You will also need an Apple device with the latest updates and Windows Hello setup. While this might seem a lot in theory, these are the basics that a person has to have in order to access this feature. The 12.5 update is already in the market so get yours now by updating it through the Windows Store.

We look forward to receiving more updates from Apple that simplify user-experience and make it much more efficient.

Screenshot: @reneritchie
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