Chrome’s Memories Experiment to be Combined With History

The various websites that you might have visited on the internet will all be listed in your search history. This is something that has been commonplace for a really long time, but Google recently attempted to change that with its new Memories tab in Chrome (chrome://memories). This tab was quite similar to the History section in your browser, except it only showed the most relevant sites from the previous 5 days of your browsing.

This was ostensibly meant to help you search through your recent history to find things that might have been relevant to you a bit more easily. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Chrome might be doing away with Memories permanently, as reported by TechDows. If you go to the History section of your Chrome browser, you will now see that there is a subsection here called Journeys (chrome://history/journeys).

It appears that Chrome is merging the Memories section with History by offering this separate Journeys subsection. This will apparently aid you in trying to find a way to make the most of your recent search history, and it does make a lot more sense that you would find this feature integrated into a preexisting section of Chrome.

For the most part people really didn’t get why Memories was a thing. This section did not do all that much to help people make the most of their search history. In fact, quite a few users didn’t even know that Memories was a thing which is an indication that giving it a separate field was not the best of ideas. Still, Google clearly thinks that the feature has enough legs to warrant it being shown to users within the History tab, so chances are that it factors into Google’s overall game plan or perhaps the feature is innocuous enough that it does not take away from the overall Chrome experience.

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