Instagram tests the ability to like stories, while also allowing users to display status on profile for a day

With the passage of time the usage of internet has largely increased, in the past 20 years a large part of the world’s population has jumped onto the internet and actively uses it for different purposes. While the internet started gaining popularity, a large amount of social sites came up and quickly were a success, user bases and popularity of these social sites grew by folds within years, few of these social sites that took off in the past are still alive and have turned into big industry giants. While these social sites may be old, but their user base keeps on increasing. According to a survey the social media industry has been experiencing an average of 16.5 new users each second.

With a growth chart that has only went uphill in the last 25 years and an ever increasing user base, the social media industry surely is one attraction to entrepreneurs and investors thus resulting in newer and innovative social media platforms coming up every now and then.

These newer social media platforms are a strong threat to the already established giants, which is why bigger social media platforms keeps on innovating themselves so that the newer platforms don’t capture their market. Instagram is also amongst the list of apps that brings out frequent and innovative updates for their users.

Instagram, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, is reported to be working on its ‘stories feature’. The update will provide users the ability to like Instagram stories. Instagram posts have always had the classic heart shaped like button, however this is the first time reports of a like button on stories have surfaced. A like button on stories are likely to make them much more interactive and fun, moreover it will also allow people to just simply like instead of reacting onto a story they like. The update as of now is only a possibility and no release date has been announced.

Another interesting update that Instagram is reported to be working on is the ability to set a status. This status will be an emoji that resides at the bottom right of your Instagram profile and will be visible to the people that follow you. The status just like Instagram stories will remain on your profile for 24 hours before they automatically disappear. This feature once released will be largely liked by users since it will allow them to display how they are feeling or other things that they are doing thus largely helping people better understand each other’s mood.

These features are in the development phase and are not officially announced by the company, however these features once released will help the app increase its user experience and will surely make the app stand out from its competitors.

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