Google revamps its ‘How Search Works’ section, which highlights all the basics you need to know about how its search engine works

Google has been providing us with the best searched information content according to our needs and while we are thankful for the tech giant for its existence, have you ever stopped and wondered how does Google rank the websites? Like on what basis do they decide that a certain website should be on the top of the search results and if you are someone who runs a website what check boxes should you tick in order to appear on top?

Well, don't worry because Google is there to help you on this matter.

The tech giant recently redesigned its web page named 'How Search Works' and to educate the public on how its search system works.

The purpose of this website is to educate users on how Google's ranking system works and how it controls its algorithmic system. In general, the website covers all basic aspects of the operations that are done on the main search engine so that users can get an insight on how the company handles all of this and also will help the SEO (Search engine optimization) professionals and website owners in understanding what they should do to make their website get a better reach.

While the website covers a whole lot of topics important for ranking purposes, the start off will always be with automated keyword matching. According to the tech giant they receive at least 15 percent of new content daily, something which they haven't received prior and hence to provide the best results in such searched content they make the best use of their automated features and use the words the user has searched, their location and timings and many other factors and links them all together to provide users with the most relatable results present on the search engine.

While, the question for how Google provides users with the relatable searches is answered, the question still stands what website owners can do to bring their sites up on the search results.

Well, the answer to this is pretty simple. Well optimized content along with a whole bunch of relatable keywords. The system brings websites which are the most related in accordance with the search query. However, SEO optimization are always changing so you need to be on top of your game to achieve the top position on the search results. Apart from all this the website covers a lot of different aspects when it comes to search results and if you are interested you might just visit the new site.

But what you need to know is that Google on this new website has covered only the basic aspects and hasn't gone in much depth. In other words, it gives you a sense of understanding about certain things but to fully educate yourself on certain topics you should use another website by the tech giant called 'Search Central Platform' for a better sense into the SEO optimization world.

Apart from all this, it is nice to see Google helping out users and giving them a sense of understanding on how they operate so that the public can make better use of the search engine.

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