Instagram plans to push “Link Sticker” and will be getting rid of the usual swipe up link feature on stories

Instagram has a huge user base to it and the company is known to bring about new and better updates and features for its users. The platform is a great place for online businesses and the tech giant takes special care when it comes to providing features for such businesses on its application.

Considering this, the tech giant is planning to roll out yet another feature on its application, however this is not something new and is an update to an already present feature.

You probably are aware of the swipe up link feature used on stories. The swipe up feature gives users an opportunity to add a link directing towards a website which can be accessible by just a swipe and while this has been a widely used feature, tweets from several users show that Instagram may just be getting rid of the swipe up link.

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However not completely though, instead of the swipe up link Instagram is rolling out a Link Sticker which will be accessible from the same space where other current stickers like question and poll stickers are. But why is Instagram getting rid of the swipe up and replacing it with the sticker form?

Well, for starters its more convenient. Users instead of just linking through swipe up can directly place the link sticker on the content they have posted on their story and tapping on it will lead viewers directly to the website. The link sticker will be easily seen on the stories and can be adjusted according to the users liking with different font styles, sizes and colors and can be placed wherever they want.

Moreover, with the swipe link viewers had the inability to react to stories, however with the launch of link stickers, the ability of both having a link on a story as well as viewers being able to reach will be possible which is great in sense of both marketing and engagement.

This feature has been in testing purposes and was accessible to only a few users but coming August 30th, it will be available to a broader audience including business accounts and users who have more than 10,000 followers. Instagram also plans on launching this feature to other users with followers less than the mentioned threshold in the near future, however that is still undecided because the possibility of misinformation promotion increases with this, which all applications try their best to avoid.

Instagram is known to bring the best features and is famously known for its stickers, whether music or polls all stickers are widely used and we cannot wait to see how well the link stickers will do and what else the application has in store for its users.

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