Apple Maps Broadens Features for US Based Users

Apple Maps has always been a bit of a joke with all things having been considered and taken into account. The often frustratingly buggy interface that the app used to have made it far inferior to Google Maps, something that the biggest company in the world wanted to rectify. While Apple Maps now runs a bit smoother than its older iterations, it is still not quite capable of competing with Google all that successfully if you think about it due to the reason that it lacks things like review features and the like.

It turns out that Apple is going to be adding this feature into Apple Maps. Whereas previously you needed to use Yelp in order to review a particular business through Apple Maps, now users in the US would be able to do so within the app itself. Users will also get the chance to add pictures as and when they see fit, something that further brings Apple Maps closer to Google Maps and arguably provides the latter with a bit of competition that it might not have been expecting initially.

However, it is important to note that this might just turn the tide and boost the use of Apple Maps among Apple users who often end up using Google Maps due to bad experiences with the former. This feature has already introduced in other countries like the UK and Australia, and the tests in those areas were probably successful because Apple would not have rolled the feature out in America if it had not seen some amount of success in its test runs. Google might not see the same level of dominance that it currently enjoys in the future, and there is a lot that might happen that would change things for better or for worse.

H/T: Macrumors.
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