How Many Websites Are There In 2021? (Chart)

It is estimated that 1.88 Billion websites exist including the one you're reading this on right now with 576,000 new ones formed every single day.

The United States has the most amount of websites at the moment, harboring around 420K websites being currently hosted. This is quite surprising considering how the first website, created just 30 years ago, was not based in the US. Instead it was founded by Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland, located in Europe. He was in fact a British physicist and the website he launched went by the title of WorldWideWeb (W3). The site was a manual of the web, describing its use and details. The url was pretty simple too, being ''

In just a year, the world was honored with 10 different websites and once the royalty status was lifted, people started creating even more websites. The growth continued until what is seen now, a giant mesh of websites, being available to everyone at the tip of their fingers. According to WorldWideWeb, a website is a hostname, a unique one, that can be used as a name server as well as an IP address.

By 1994, Yahoo was created, being the 4th most popular search engine today. By the time our 1st most popular engine came to life, there were already about 2 million websites already existing. Amongst the 1.7 billion websites being currently hosted, only 200 million are active. The rest are either an experiment gone out of trend or a failed venture. Technical issues, server problems, and late payments are also underlying factors for many websites resting in peace at the moment.

Now there's one thing websites cannot work without, it is more like a physical asset; domains. A domain is like a title or a label of websites that make them distinctive or act as their identity cards. There are 362.5 million registered domain names with over 1500 domain extensions existing today. The rate grows by 3.9% each year as more users register themselves. There are different domains based on different niches. For instance, .edu is given for education while .org is for mostly non-profits. Similarly .gov is for governmental websites and .mil stands for those belonging to the military.

Now, websites aren't as simple as you would think. Apart from domains, there are two different types of websites. The first type are called 'Static websites.' These are websites with fixed html coded content that are not capable of user engagement or interactivity. The second type are known as 'Dynamic websites.' These have databases that are real-time and can be subjected to change like e-commerce sites and blogs.

The most visited websites in 2021 in the US are Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with over 100 billion hours browsing time annually. When looking at global perspective, the one with the most traffic is once again, Google followed by YouTube and Facebook.

How Many Websites Are There Around the World?

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