Google starts testing the ‘closed tab cache’ feature on Chrome browser in Canary version

If you are someone that uses Google Chrome for a lot of different uses and keeps multiple tabs opened at most times, then you might have faced the frustrating experience of accidentally closing a tab while trying to switch on it. It surely destroys the whole experience and is even more frustrating when you were using that tab to do something important. Google understood this problem faced by users. Being one of the most user centered tech company, Google last year announced an effective solution for this problem, which was the ‘closed tab cache’ feature, this feature saves information from the recently closed tab in a cache and allows the user to reopen the recently closed tab easily, without affecting anything that the user was doing that particular tab.

This surely was an excellent solution, to a problem that internet users have been facing from the longest time. Following the ‘closed tab cache’ announcement, users got pretty excited for its release. Google recently once again updated users about the progress on the closed tab cache feature and said that they have released the feature for testing in the Chrome browser in Canary version.

One reason for the users being excited for the feature’s release is the speed that it offers over other alternatives such as the ‘reopen closed button’ which is located in the right click menu. While reopen closed tab option is also a good tool, it is much slower than the under testing closed tab cache feature, this is because the closed tab cache feature unlike the reopen closed button, puts the content of the closed tab in a special cache.

Google after announcing the test release of the closed tab cache said that it is not recommended for users to enable and start using the feature and also termed it as highly experimental, since using the feature can lead to various breakages thus the test feature should only be used by people that know their ways around it, reports TD.

To enable the closed tab cache feature, you would have to go through some simple steps. The feature as of now is only available in in the Canary version 94.0.4606.0. Upon opening Chrome, you will have to visit the flags section and find the closed tab cache there, or simply visiting this will do the job chrome://flags/#closed-tab-cache. Once found, select the enable option on the right and the closed tab cache feature will be turned on. Once again the feature is in testing phase and may cause some trouble to your browser.

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