Google is making it very simple and fast for users to share photos just by tapping the icon in Android 12’s App Switcher

Google is now working to upgrade one of its Pixel mobile's utmost features. Android 12 has also reveled the accessibility of the fast sharing of pictures in the App Switcher. Well, the users of Pixel phones already know about the option that select full photos or text from the Overview or the display of App switcher, not only that it also allow users to save or send that image to others as well. You can also download the image even from a GIF.

This feature was introduced a couple of years ago and this also works well for those applications that do not allow share or save photos and text. If we talk about the Facebook-owned Instagram for instance, this application does not allow saving or sharing exciting images to others that we see daily on this platform. Well, users can simply navigate Instagram to App Switcher, and click on the select option. Now you will be able to select anything according to your choice. Now the Android is making it easier and better for users as now when you open your Pixel phone having version Android 12 beta 4, you will see the latest icon on the bottom left-hand side of the picture.

A few screenshots have also been shared by Rita El Khoury to show how this will work in a simpler way. Now you do not need to click on the picture to get the options as this will save more of your time. Now you just have to click on the icon and the photo will come out and enlarge a bit. You will be able to see different types of options such as sending, Lens, and save, etc. People will also view a line of different sharing options at the lower side of their screen that they can choose to send those pictures to their family or friends. You can also tap on the three-dotted “More” option but that will open the share page just like the toolbar share key.

Even though this is not a very big improvement but still, this has made picture sharing simpler and easily discoverable. There are chances that you will also be able to see these improvements in the stable built as well.

H/T: AP.

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