Epic Games Have Huge Accusations Against Google, Which Might Be Hard to Prove but Leaves Us All in Thought

Epic Games seem to be stuck in a lot of lawsuits recently. One of its game popularly known as “Fortnight” got removed from the App Store a couple of months back for breaking the App Store policies while now the company is stuck in a lawsuit with Google in regards with the same game.

However, this time, Epic Games have some big back up statements for their case which they claim will make their case against Google stronger.

But what are these claims that will make Epic Games win against one of the most powerful tech forces on earth?

Well, Epic Games have recently claimed that both Apple and Google are not enemies in the tech world and have no competition but rather secretly work together and bring out the best of each other.

When questioned as to what evidences led Epic Games to carry out such a huge statement, the company stated that Google pays between 8 to 12 billion dollars each year to make its search engine a default one for all Apple users. While Google is already a search engine for all Android phones, being the one for Apple users brings in a lot of revenue for Google compared to before.

Apart from this, while Google and Apple both are the top smartphone companies in the world, Google rarely ever funds enough to attract iOS users towards Android phones, despite it being in favor for them.

All this leads Epic Games and the public to give a thought on the matter that are the two most leading smartphone operating companies which should be neck on neck with each other when it comes to publicity really just playing it on being enemies?

Epic Games further claimed that what appears to be two companies acting as a monopoly in the market to keep both their revenues and market competition intact could in fact be a duopoly working together.

The reason for hiding this duopoly is clear, that it will greatly affect the market value and revenues of both the companies.

However, though it might be hard to prove that the two companies that own 99 percent of the tech world together could be hiding such tactics.

Google, when asked to comment on such claims stated that it is very particular about all applications that are available to its users through its App Store and whichever application violates its platform policies will be banned. Same thing happened with Fortnight, which violated Google’s policy despite which it is still available on Android but has been removed from the Play Store. The company said that it will fight against all the accusations that have been put upon them and the matter will be resolved soon.

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