Google terminated many of its personnel for leaking the data of people, as they were involved in snooping and disclosing the private information of users to outsiders

Data is the most important information that many tech companies keep and any type of negligence on the side of a company can damage the prestige. Many users are not going to trust such a company again in the future if their data is breached due to any sort of reason. For instance, Facebook had to suffer a lot when the data of more than 533 Million was leaked online. Google understands that fact therefore, it does not want to show clemency for the violation of users’ data. This week, Vice reported that the giant search engine has terminated almost 80 personnel for retrieving the private information of its users using inner tools and many of them were also involving in disclosing such info to outsiders.

Snooping and violating the data of users without any permission is totally against the policies of Google. The company terminated the employment of almost eighty workers including thirty-six during the prior year due to the reason of inappropriately controlling the secret info of users, however, the company also kicked out eighteen workers in 2018, and twenty-six in 2019. The company fully understands that any weakness on its side can impact billions of users; therefore, it took some strict actions against such workers.

The representative of the company stated that the company confines its personnel to access the data of users and it has also some protective tools to keep a check on the activities of employees. The company permits access to the private info of users to only a few authorized persons and even it demands satisfactory reasons to view the data of people, after that the company assesses the reasons many times before providing the entry to the intimate information of users.

The latest book “The Ugly Truth” unveiled some facts that Facebook also became the victim of such data violation of its users as some of its personnel misused their rights and spied the sensitive info of users that damaged the reputation of the social platform among users. Facebook terminated the employment contract of more than fifty-two workers during the year 2014 and 2015. Even one of the workers of the social media platform tried to retrieve the info of a woman he was traveling with.

These types of violation cases are not new, as many tech companies face similar situations as they handle the data of billions of people and many workers become curious to check the data. Some employees of Snapchat also tried to access the sensitive info of people during the year 2019. However, companies should not show any mercy to such employees as it is not just a violation it is in fact a crime.

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