Facebook attempts to increase awareness by enabling Covid-19 vaccine information in comments

Facebook is adding more popups on its platform to curb the Covid-19 misinformation and to spread the right information by incorporating the facts from leading health organization in its comments of the posts, whenever possible.

The pandemic has been around for some while and one lesson we've surely learned is to not believe every single rumor you come across on social media. Social media was created to give people a place to voice their thoughts and opinions, which we've certainly noticed plenty of people doing, but at the cost of compromising facts. To combat this, each platform is struggling individually to eradicate all false news concerning the Covid-19 vaccination.

According to OurWorldInData, only 24.4% of the global population has been vaccinated completely while 32.4% have received a single dose. The rest of the unvaccinated population is a result of various causes, while believing misinformation is on the first half of the list.

Facebook has been actively seen making policies to remove all kinds of misinformation being spread on social media that would prevent people from getting vaccinated. Whether Covid-19 is a means of biowarfare or not is an argument reserved for another time, for now we need to focus on combating this battle together. We cannot be too sure if the pandemic is a trial or a battle, whichever it might be, we're surely failing.

According to a tweet by Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is now going to incorporate the Covid-19 vaccine information in its comments but only posts relating to the subject. For instance, if someone shares a post about the virus or its vaccine then people will be able to access facts on the vaccine in that particular post's comments. This will not only educate the users but help them spread awareness amongst themselves as well.

One example of such info panel in the comments shared in the screenshot by Wong include that vaccines are thoroughly tested for safety before they're made available to the public. Another one assured the users by stating that the vaccines were developed quickly while maintaining the highest safety standard possible. Facebook made sure to keep the comments straightforward and simple, making them easy to understand and read.

Some of the concerned users commented on the Wong's tweet, voicing their opinions on how Twitter should adopt a similar scheme. Another user suggested Instagram implementing this idea on their stories related to the Covid-19 vaccine. While we do agree to other platforms adopting the same scheme, we're not sure if it will be done anytime soon.

As different variants of the Covid-19 get discovered, the amount of misinformation keeps escalating. We look forward to more platforms coming up with even better policies to encourage people to increase their awareness on vaccination and precautions.

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