Data Shows U.S Smartphone User Accessed Average 46 Apps Per Month in the First Half of 2021

SensorTower's latest report, based on first half of 2021, shows that mobile phone consumers in the USA used an average of 46 apps each month.

SensorTower is a research firm dedicated to providing data and information about the ever-changing mobile app market. Their near-constant studies and publications are nearly indispensable to any individual or company wishing to establish their presence in the app market. SensorTower's online publications proved especially useful through the earlier part of the COVID-19 pandemic, since the app market also saw a big boost in business during that period. In fact, that big boost in business has had a net positive impact on the market's future; a ripple that we are witnessing to this day. What with remote working and learning regulations having been established, many people grew more reliant on their mobile phones and the apps on them. Naturally, with the pandemic continuing to stretch onwards, this meant that people would only grow further reliant on apps to run their day to day life. But, as the pandemic now starts to slow down in certain vaccinated countries, will people start going back to pre-pandemic sensibilities? Let's take a look.

This new study conducted by SensorTower only helps further cement the long-standing, if not permanent, growth that the app industry has seen. Analyzing data published by the Pew Research Center's research on mobile phone ownership, they helped establish app usage across the US population. For starters, the most recent quarter, Q2 2021, has seen 46 apps per month being used by the average US public. Data analysis took into consideration individuals aged 12 and above for this research. This 46 is 2 apps short of the peak reached in Q2 an Q3 of 2020, which was 48. And, more significantly, this number was sitting at 44 apps per month that the US population used in Q3 2019. Clearly, the app market saw a solid increase throughout 2020, owing to the pandemic itself. But it's safe to say that mobile app growth, while still rather significant, is coming back down to more "normal" levels.

Overall, however, many app markets have seen a significant amount of growth across Q2 2019-2021. The largest of these are finance apps, which saw a 36% increase in active users across this time period. Other platforms that did rather well throughout this period include business, food & drink, education, and medicine.

Charts shows average number of apps on a phone in 2021

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