Google Adds A Discussion Box For Forums On Its Search Engine Result Pages

Google has been updating and adding features to its search engine and different acquisitions at full pace as the threat of the Corona Virus Pandemic seems to be dying down and there is a huge surge in the updates as the developers and brains at the tech giant are not only working overtime but putting forward some revolutionary changes to make users life even more easier.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of discussion forums and their credibility. With a growth towards the digital age, the amount of specific and general forums all across the world have increased to an astonishing number. Adding on, these forums are one of the most authentic sources of reviews and social communication. With Reddit leading the charge of all communities and organizations to the extent that even Universities and Colleges have their official Reddit pages.

Apart from that, there are recommendation channels and advisory channels that one can access with in-depth, unbiased information that the users on these channels provide. Google and the developers recognized that these are amazing sources of recommendation. Thus, Google initiated the development of a Discussion Box in its searches if any of the forum’s questions or subforums matched with the query. It displays results from a number of forums including but not limited to Reddit and all others available.

As spotted by Saad Ali Khan, Google has displayed these Discussion Boxes in a two row, multiple column carousel form that is interactive on the first page of the searches. This was seen initially in early May by Valentin Pletzer and was resurface when Saad Ali Khan took to Twitter to tell the SEO community about this discovery.

Upon investigation, it came to the realization that the early may version was a beta testing feature available to some users only, and that included Mr. Pletzer whereas it was recently opened to more users and that is when Saad came to the discovery. Google has not released any statements in regards to the update and is not expected to do so since the update is not a significant change but just the categorization of a group of search results.

The Artificial Intelligence Algorithm with the Super Computers at Google are responsible for running the searches and it is there only that the categorization takes place on the servers. This is an update that looks at easier access to users and there are definitely great stats of its use that will be released in the future

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