You Can Now Toggle HTTPS First Mode On and Off on Google Chrome, Here's How

Google’s emphasis on HTTPS has been spurred primarily by the superior level of security that you would be capable of taking advantage of with this type of thing, and it has made it so that most sites are going to load HTTPS versions of their pages by default. The tech giant is now attempting to give users a bit more control over the level of security they can take advantage of by allowing them to modify the HTTPS first settings on Chrome.

However, it is important to note that that Google is actually quite late to the party in this regard. Both Firefox by Mozilla and Edge from Microsoft have been offering this type of setting for quite some time now, but regardless any user that wants top notch security online would want to look into making use of this new feature.

To toggle HTTPS First mode on, you will first need to ensure that you have version 94 of Chrome Canary. Then, you will have to go to chrome://flags/#https-only-mode-setting. When you go here you will see an option that will allow you to enable or disable HTTPS First mode and once you select your preferred setting the next step would be to restart your browser.

Now, you can then go to your advanced security settings and toggle an option that will make it so that Chrome will always use secure connections for you.

Enabling "always use secure connection" option will force non-https (or HTTP) URLs to secure web addresses (i.e.: HTTPS).

For example if you visit this page without HTTPS first mode you'll see something like this, which regular non https page:

And if you've HTTPS first mode enabled the Chrome browser first will try to force the sites to open secure content, however if a site doesn't support secure connection you'll see a warning like this:

This feature can vastly improve your security online, but the fact that Chrome added this feature so late might just be a bit of a sign that Google is not being as innovative as it used to be which could spur a lot of users to switch to competitors such as Firefox and the impressive Edge.
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