Apple in its agreement with app developer’s states that it will allow them to communication and 3rd party payments from users

Technology in the past two decades have grown to a large extent, due to this a large percentage of the world's population now actively uses smart devices. With more and more people coming onto technological space, a large amount of investment enters the tech industry each year thus resulting in newer applications coming up.

These applications before registering themselves on the Google or Apple App store are given a choice of making themselves a paid or a free app. App developer that choose paid applications have their usual earnings through users paying for their app, whereas developers that choose to keep their application free for all use other techniques and procedures of making themselves a revenue.

Developers that offer their app against a payment face a lot of difficulty in attracting people towards their app, since people usually upon seeing a price mark besides an app choose to download an alternative. The difficulty for developers of a paid app is further increased when the store they are available on cuts a fat percentage from the buyer’s payments thus reducing their revenue.

These payment cuts from developers are becoming increasingly unfair for developers and with no other option they have to stick to the Android or Apple App store.

Apart from this, developers on the Apple store face another problem and that is limiting communication with its users.

Developers bothered by both of these problems they face on app stores have several protested. However, two big app developers, namely 'Donald Cameron' and 'Illinois Pure Sweat Basketball’ fought back in 2019 and filed a court case against Apple App store.

After about a year and half of the case, Apple came up with an agreement accepting a few of the developers' demands, which surely are quite favorable for them.

A major demand that Apple accepted in the lawsuit was allowing developers to better communicate with their users, Apple in the agreement states that it'll allow developers to contact through email moreover another important part of the agreement is Apple allowing developers to share 3rd party payment methods with their user and also allowing them to take 3rd party payments without having to give Apple App store its commission.

Another change in the agreement are pricing tiers, Apple said that it will expand its pricing points to lower than 100 and higher than 500. Apple also agreed to put out a transparency report that shares the application review process with developers.

Apart from all this Apple in the agreement also promised to create a 100-million-dollar fund for struggling and qualifying developers.

The agreement surely includes large promises for developers. Apple will start working on these changes as soon as the agreement gets approved by the US court.

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