Microsoft after user’s criticism over Windows 11 high system requirements says that low end PC’s will be able to run the Windows, however without support

While talking about companies that have completely revolutionized the tech and computing industry, the name ‘Microsoft’ would stand at the very top. The company has gotten most of its success from its renowned operating system ‘Windows’, Microsoft since its formation has brought about a list of different versions of its operating system (OS), all of which have been liked by users all over the world.

Microsoft came up with the first version of its OS named ‘Windows 1.01’ in the year 1985, the company since then has never looked back and has released around 12 major windows each of which has a list of versions. Now to add to the list of its operating systems, Microsoft has come up with the ever awaited ‘Windows 11’, both the previous Windows by the company have been a tremendous success and have been praised by users, thus users have huge expectations from Windows 11.

With the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft said that it will stop the support for Windows 10 in a few years. The release date for Windows 11, has not been decided but the company says that it probably be released in the latter half of 2021.

Users following the announcement have been really excited for Windows 11, however some users that have a PC containing older processors are concerned that their PC might not be able to run the Windows 11. This concern started when Microsoft released the minimum requirements for Windows 11, the requirements surely were quite high since the windows in case of AMD processors it requires a Zen 2 or higher whereas in case of Intel processors it requires an eight generation or higher processor. Both the requirements for AMD and Intel users were pretty high leaving a lot of them dishearten. A lot of users since then has called out Microsoft for keeping such high minimum requirements.

Following the outburst on high minimum requirements for Windows 11, the company refused to reduce the minimum requirements for the Windows however, they gave out a statement saying that users with an older processor will be able to run the Windows if their PC runs it, however the Windows on their PC will not receive Microsoft support.

Users with an old PC will not be able to click and update to the Windows 11, however if they want to use it, they can do so by installing it manually through the boot file.

This method will likely run the Windows 11 on low end PC’s, however it’s not suggested since it would cause the system to be unstable.

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