According to iOS users and creators in Australia, Apple is featuring several scam applications on its App Store

Despite some robust statements by Apple that App Store is a secure place and it reviews every application before making it available for downloads, bad actors keep on exploiting its guidelines. The users and makers in Australia have said that Apple is supporting some swindle applications. The Australian users are saying that it is very hard to believe such an irresponsible act by the giant tech company which is best known for its security. One of the application names that Apple is featuring is “Slime Relaxation” which does nothing apart from making users fool by charging a 10 Dollars fee. The other application named Jelly: Slime Simulator that is charging 13 Dollars hefty fee every week.

When Epic filed the case against Apple a couple of months ago, one of the companies said that it is not good to allow other corporations and makers to side-load applications on iOS devices. Now many companies and users are revealing the facts that Apple is responsible for this negligence and that also shows that the evaluations procedure of Apple is also not good enough to clasp such type of applications. One of the developers also claimed at the start of this year that there are still many applications available on the official App Store that are earning millions of dollars by scamming people and Apple is not taking any strict actions against such apps. It looks like the company is now focusing more on the share that it takes from the applications for each download.

Two months ago, Washington Post published a story that swindles applications on the official store of Apple are taking up to 2 percent share from the total apps’ earning; however, the CEO of the company rejected that claim by stating that the App Store is a secure place and people rely on that, he further added that our company held an excellence department, a place where people can get many choices but what more important is that they are always assured about the standards and the quality.

There are some strong allegations on Apple that it is not just allowing the swindle apps on its official App Store, it is further supporting numerous scam applications, as per the story in Australia. Some of the users of Twitter named Beau Nouvelle & Simeon pointed out that for the first time about featuring such apps.

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