LinkedIn Expands On Its Suggestion Algorithm To Boost Networking

The Digital Age and the modern world are all centered around diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance of the global spectrum. All Social Media platforms are actively working to reduce racism and fight against all forms of discrimination. To add itself to the list of supporters of the fight against racism and as an ally to the support for all lives, LinkedIn has upgraded its Suggestion Algorithm and released the update notes fairly recently to follow suit. The upgraded algorithm would work in conjunction with the people you may know tab in the app and website.

The intention to bring forward this update revolves around the need to eliminate networking barriers implemented by location and demographics. The new people you may know tab will include individuals more than the ones that you have studied with or the ones living near you. It will extend to individuals from across the world that are affiliated with the job that you are involved in or are involved in similar stories to you.

One of the prominent features of the update is to remove the dominance of people that are mutual with a lot of your friends. This only limits the networking and prevents the global village’s incense to take action as there is little room to explore beyond boundaries.

The statement released by LinkedIn explores the People You May Know Tab by utilizing economic centered graphs and platform links to associate the features and areas of interest. The LinkedIn system utilizes Artificial Intelligence to work through and just like any other AI, they also face certain issues that are linked with the usage of AI for such tasks. One such issue was presented as the AI following the user would generate a technological bias which will limit the opportunities for the users to explore. The update to the system would prevent this from happening.

Another important update to the system revolves around the accessibility feature and how people receiving fewer connection requests would be activated more to be connected. There would only be little changes to the way we use LinkedIn, however, there would be a significant impact on how the community bonds on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has termed this service as the broader push and this is the first of the updates of the push for better economic and social networking abilities as well as facilitate the global village and its ever-shrinking self. This is led by the former CEO, Jeff Weiner, who stepped down to focus on community development and societal betterment. The broader push does seem like one in the right direction.

Credit: Photothek via Getty Images

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