YouTube's AI Will Soon Start Adding Video Chapters In Description Automatically

YouTube is introducing a new feature, where Chapters will automatically be added to videos uploaded, for the convenience of the general community.

As much flack as YouTube and its developers get, let us be frank: it's still such an engaging platform to be on. Even if we are to look beyond the boundaries of comedy videos and entertaining skits, there's a lot that can be learned from the platform. So many videos address a myriad of topics, ranging from sci-fi, movies, politics, books, music, the list goes on. More so, YouTube's also become a great source for learning materials, where individuals can easily pick up new hobbies, or improve upon their studies. If this author is going to be honest, they believe that if all lecturers on YouTube were to disappear, so would half of the platform's library of videos.

Here's the thing, however: content can often be incredibly tedious to go through, especially when it comes to longer videos. Indeed, the ability to preemptively predict what a video addresses and when it'll choose to do so provides users a method of screening content to only pick the videos most relevant to what they're looking for. The presence of this feature is becoming even more important with the passage of time, especially since hour long podcasts are now freely available on YouTube. At first, certain YouTubers used to provide timestamps in their descriptions, but that proved to be a very tedious task. That's where chapters came in.

Chapters provided the ability of dividing videos in concise chunks, each section addressing a different topic, to content creators. This feature, while still not incredibly common, gave YouTubers an easy way of time-stamping their output, without having to note down the exact minute at which a new topic started, and uploading the results separately. In fact, YouTube's own CreatorInsider channel heavily relies on chapters, for user convenience. Apparently, the creators really like this feature, because they updated it with Automatic Chapters.

As revealed by a CreatorInsider video, Automatic Chapters will rely on machine learning and A.I. in order to generate timestamps on videos without users having to do so themselves. Naturally, there are some caveats. The technology might require users to feed in past information, in order to learn how specific channels make and separate their content. Also, the feature has to be manually turned on to be experienced, but that's mostly for user convenience. Finally, it's yet to be seen how effective the technology is in the field, as the feature is yet to be released. The Insider video does, however, encourage confidence and patience.

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