Apple’s Privacy Policies Spark App Marketer Migration to Android

Apple’s focus on user privacy has been lauded quite a bit because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing users to feel a great deal more secure when they are using various apps. However, these things are starting to impact the people that market these apps to users since they need the data that Apple has just put out of their reach in order to make their marketing techniques effective in the first place.

AdColony recently conducted a survey that revealed that around 54% of people working on app marketing and the like said that they would be moving to Android due to their increased focus on things like CPI which is something that Apple has hamstrung with its numerous privacy policies. 64% of respondents also said that the low opt-in rates that they were getting from Apple users were quite alarming as well. It makes sense that most users would not want to opt in for tracking from apps, either through laziness or through a desire for increase privacy which Apple will always be more than happy to facilitate.

This raises the question of whether Apple’s move is going to end up harming it in the long run. For the most part we would say that this would most likely not end up being the case at all. Apple has a massive user base and this will always make app developers create for the platform, but one thing that this might do is that it would give Android a bit of a leg up which the Google owned operating system sorely needs after all of the security issues it has been facing. This will most definitely result in a shakeup of the app marketing landscape if nothing else which will be intriguing to watch as it plays out.

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