A new “New To You" feed is being developed by YouTube to help viewers find new channels, content and creators

Over the last 10 years, YouTube has successfully attracted a lot of new users and content creators with its monetization policies. As a result, a lot of new content makers have joined this platform. Other applications started to support their new content makers with their new policies and features such as audio only application, Clubhouse starting its own support program. Similarly, with the same aim ,YouTube decided to introduce its new feature that would not only help new creators to get recognized but will also help the viewers in finding new videos to be watched.

The feature has been named as New To You and is not similar to the Explore Page/Tab of YouTube, unlike Explore page, which suggests trending videos, New To You will suggest videos that are either not very frequently watched or haven’t been seen at all but might be able to catch user’s attention. As explained by the charismatic product manager, Becca McArthur, most of the viewers complained about their feed for being dry. This is why New To You section will introduce content that is not very commonly viewed by the user.
The feature will be available worldwide in a short period of time. The New To You feed can be opened through two ways. At the beginning the option will be available with a colorful option present at the start of Feed, this will be near the categories section that might attract the user. Later, even after a lot of scrolling down the feed, if the user won’t be able to find any content to be viewed then a pop up for New To You will appear and will suggest to try something new and once agreed by the user, it will redirect to the new feed.

The developer are expecting that this feature will be able to help a lot of new creators who up till now were not able to get linked with the viewers. According to YouTube, New To You will give chance to other content creators as well who may not be well recognized by everyone and are waiting to be discovered by the viewers.

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